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Our comprehensive guide to the death records in the state of Connecticut will help you in finding death records as well as provide you with relevant information about the deceased and the life they lived.

Death Records in Connecticut -
The Ultimate Guide 2024

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Connecticut Death Databases

As early as the 1600s, death records in Connecticut were kept by the towns and were traceable back to the founding of each community. Connecticut implemented a statewide death registration system in 1897, with the majority of the state’s residents complying by 1915. Deaths are still being recorded in the towns. Connecticut began keeping death records in 1897, when the state became a state. Prior to that, town clerks were responsible for keeping death records, and they are still responsible for keeping the records. The clerks recorded the deaths in the town records and/or the land records, depending on the circumstances.

The majority of Connecticut Vital Records resources available online are indexes. After locating a person in an index, it is necessary to check the original record to ensure that the information in the index is correct. In Connecticut, the following types of records frequently contain information about deaths:

In addition to being available through the FamilySearch website, most land and town records have been microfilmed and are available at family history centers, the Connecticut State Library, and the Family History Library. To find the film numbers:

Connecticut Death Databases

What Are Death Certificates?

Death certificates are identifying documents that confirm a deceased’s demise. Death certificates and death records differ. In obtaining a death certificate, the informant is required to provide all information on the application form at the next of kin or family section. The coroner then provides other information including cause and time of death. The funeral home is the institution in charge of issuing death certificates. You can obtain this vital document just a couple of days after the deceased’s passing; the funeral home allows you to make copies of the death certificate. 

What Are Death Certificates

How to Request a Certified Copy of a Death Certificate

For a fee, anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to obtain an official certified copy of a Connecticut death certificate may do so. It is important to note that the decedent’s social security number can only be obtained by the decedent’s spouse or next of kin. If you require a copy of the death certificate that includes the social security number on the certificate, you will be required to provide proof of your identity as well as proof of the relationship that allows you to obtain the death certificate that includes the social security number on the certificate.

One free certified copy of the decedent’s death certificate may be obtained by the spouse, child, or parent of a deceased veteran under Connecticut law if the requesting family member presents a copy of their valid government issued photo identification and proof of their relationship to the decedent. If you are eligible for the one-time waiver, fill out the Application to Request a Death Certificate form and submit it along with the required identification and documentation to the town or state Vital Records office as soon as possible.

The fee will be waived for the requesting family member only if the request is accompanied by the required valid identification, proof of relationship to the veteran, and if the veteran’s status is indicated on the death certificate, among other requirements. Death certificates are provided free of charge to funeral directors who request one or more certified copies of a death certificate on behalf of a deceased veteran’s family at the time of the deceased veteran’s death.

Checklist for Obtaining a Certified Copy of a Death Certificate

How to Find Connecticut Death Records

The most reliable site to get a hold of Connecticut death records is As soon as you register for a user account, the platform gives you complete access to the death records in the state of Connecticut. Below are the easy steps to get you going:

Step 1: Visit and navigate to the sign in page.

How to Find Death Records Step 1

Step 2: Hit the “Search” button, which loads the Connecticut state death records page.

How to Find Death Records Step 2

Step 3: Check on ‘Vital Records’, then the ‘Death’ button just below it. This way, the site filters out all other records and leaves you with only death records.

How to Find Death Records Step 3

Step 4: Key in as much information about the deceased as possible. For a basic genealogical search, use your ancestor’s last name. If you would like the platform to provide you with records that only match the exact name that you keyed in, be sure to hit on the ‘Exact’ icon. In case you would like to perform a search on other records with the same name you provided, skip this step. For more precision, the site allows you to add in the deceased maiden and/or middle name.

How to Find Death Records Step 4

Step 5: In the ‘Location’ box, key in Connecticut’. You will notice that the site will provide a match as soon as you start typing. Here, the site provides you with various options, including adding a birth or death date, as well as adjusting the selected dates. Once you are done, hit the ‘Search Now’ blue button.

Step 6: The site will provide you with an array of records; browse through until you get the person whose records you are interested in. Some information that will be available in the records include birth date, death date, death location as well as burial location.

Step 7: Select the deceased’s name to see the available death record online. 

Step 8: To take a look at all the available records that are related to the individual, scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Click on any available record for more information.


The state of Connecticut is very particular when it comes to the accuracy of its tax and voting record. As such, they aim at maintaining a well-updated deaths record. With our comprehensive guide to Connecticut death record searches, you can get a hold of any type of record that you might need

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