Instant Checkmate Review

Our Checkmate review goes over the pros and cons of this background site and other useful information you need to know.

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Search by name or phone number to track someone down. Also available on mobile for those who want to run searches on the go.

Instant Checkmate Review

Though Checkmate is one of the newer background search sites on the web, it has a long history of success. The site provided users with more than one billion accurate searches from 2010 to the present day. Some users appreciate the site so much that they even use it on a daily basis. They love knowing that Checkmate will provide them accurate searches each and every time.

Instant Checkmate Review

Another reason Checkmate is so popular is that it has an interface that anyone can easily use. You can quickly search between different types of searches, including address and phone number lookups, background checks and people searches. It also provides you with accurate reports that include both criminal and civil cases. Whether you need to search for employees and clients, friends or family, you can use Checkmate.


Start by searching a name, phone number, address or email, and see what interesting
and useful information you can find.

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Trial Membership and More

One of the best reasons to choose Checkmate is because it offers an affordable cheap trial membership. Have you ever wondered how a background search site worked but didn’t want to pay a lot of money for a full month of service? With just a $1 investment, you can use Checkmate for five full days and decide if you’re ready to become a full member. If you want to do one basic or advanced search, you can purchase a single report for $29.95 and get a full report on a specific person.

Checkmate also offers discounts for its three membership tiers. These tiers are great for business owners who want to check out prospective employees before offering them contracts and for those who want to find lost loved ones. You can sign up for a single month for $34.78. When you pay for three months at a time, the price drops to $18.24 per month. You can save even more with a six-month plan, which reduces your costs to $9.86 per month. Keep in mind though that the site will charge the full cost of membership upfront. If you sign up for a trial and then cancel your membership, Checkmate might offer you an even better discount.

Trial Membership and More

Why Choose Checkmate

With so many background check sites now available, you might have a hard time deciding which one is the best. Checkmate gives you access to features and information that its competitors do not. When you do an address search, you can view property records and see images taken from the front and from the sky. You’ll also have access to the rosters maintained by the FAA and other government agencies, criminal records, arrest reports and convictions. Checkmate also lets you view the official databases maintained by prisons and jails as well as census records. You can even view maps that show all the sex offenders living in a specific area.

Why Choose Checkmate

Pros and Cons

Giving back to others in need is a priority for many, but you may not know how to give back. When you use Checkmate, you can help others every time you pay your bill. Checkmate uses a portion of its proceeds to support local organizations in need, especially those that help children and women. The site also offers strong customer support through a FAQ page on the Checkmate site. You can contact customer service reps over the phone, through email or at its head office in San Diego. Checkmate also connects with members and users via the social media sites on the homepage.

As with other background check sites, you may find a few things you don’t like about the site. We found that it identified certain names as too similar to others. When we did searches, the site came back with dozens of results, many of which did not relate to the individual we looked up on Checkmate. It also costs more than other sites, especially if you sign up for a one-month plan. Checkmate does have some nice features though, which is why we picked it as one of the best background check sites.