PeopleLooker Review

Discover the key rationales for utilizing PeopleLooker through our comprehensive review, outlining the advantages of employing this background search platform.

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Lets you search public records and social media sites to search almost anyone with an online presence. You can access criminal and court records too.

PeopleLooker Review

PeopleLooker stands out as a leading option for top-notch online background searches. Tailored for individuals seeking to reconnect with others, the platform proves invaluable for rediscovering old college and high school acquaintances, as well as reestablishing contact with long-lost family members. It even extends its utility to locating past colleagues. While social media platforms can assist in tracking down certain individuals, PeopleLooker presents a distinctive avenue for nearly universal searches. In the ensuing discussion, we’ll delve into the advantages offered by this search site, along with considerations that might prompt you to explore alternative search methods.



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Plentiful Search Options

An inherent challenge faced with online people searches lies in their limited scope, often catering solely to individuals with registered physical addresses. Consider a scenario where your cherished acquaintance relies solely on a cell phone and lacks a traditional home phone. This individual shares a residence with roommates who manage the utility bills under their names. Conventional background search platforms tend to display details solely of those with established addresses within online repositories. In contrast, PeopleLooker distinguishes itself by enabling searches across both public records and social media platforms, facilitating the quest for virtually anyone possessing an online presence. This unique capability not only grants access to these records but extends to encompass criminal and court-related information as well.

Many Search Options

Simple Searches

Easy Searches

PeopleLooker further provides the convenience of swift and uncomplicated online searches. As long as you possess the first and last name of the individual along with their last known state of residence, conducting a search becomes a seamless process. There’s an option to refine the search by including a specific city, thus streamlining the results. PeopleLooker adeptly presents an array of names and records that align with your criteria, allowing you to meticulously sift through the outcomes to ensure the accurate selection based on factors such as location and name. Notably, the search outcomes even extend to showcasing relatives of the identified individual.

Upon pinpointing the correct person, a simple click on their name or a designated button empowers you to leverage PeopleLooker for a comprehensive scan of social media databases and public records, uncovering a wealth of additional information. Access to court records across various states, cities, and counties is facilitated, encompassing both criminal and civil records, conveniently accessible online. The final report encapsulates a person’s employment history, proximate neighbors, alongside a comprehensive compilation of registered phone numbers and addresses.

Pros and Cons

PeopleLooker boasts several advantages, such as its user-friendly interface, coupled with an extensive array of searches accessible upon membership. This membership affords entry to a vast repository of public records, serving as a valuable resource for background searches. The platform places a premium on security by employing encryption protocols to safeguard user information during online interactions.

However, there are certain limitations to consider. Notably, the information gleaned from PeopleLooker cannot be employed for purposes such as employment screenings or making determinations like tenant selection for landlords, where compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is required. These particular use cases necessitate a distinct screening process that adheres to FCRA guidelines. The most substantial price break is offered through the 3-month plan, which amounts to $14.62 per month. For those opting for the discounted three-month plan, payment is required in advance for each month. For those seeking a trial experience, a 7-day trial is available for a minimal cost of one dollar.

It’s important to note that PeopleLooker has been observed to exhibit relatively slower search speeds compared to other online people search platforms. However, the swiftness of your search results may vary depending on factors such as the prevalence of individuals with identical names and the volume of results generated. This slower performance contributed to our decision to rank PeopleLooker fourth on our list of top background search sites. Despite this, the platform does offer commendable features including comprehensive and detailed reports, a variety of membership tiers, and flexible pricing options.