PeopleLooker Review

Learn some of the top reasons you can use PeopleLooker with our review and the benefits of using the background search site.

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PeopleLooker Review

One of our top choices for the best background searches on the web is PeopleLooker, a site designed for those who want to search for others. It’s a great time for searching those friends you had in college or high school and family members you lost touch with over the years. You may even use the site to search for coworkers from the past. Though you can locate some people through social media sites, PeopleLooker offers an alternative way to search for almost anyone. We’ll go over some of the benefits of this search site and some of the reasons you might want to look elsewhere.



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Many Search Options

A common issue some have with people searches online is that they can really only locate for people who have physical addresses. Let’s say that you have a loved one with only a cell phone and no home phone. That individual lives with roommates who have the utility bills put in their names. Most background search sites will only show you the names and information of people who have dedicated addresses on file in online databases. PeopleLooker lets you search both the public records and social media sites to search almost anyone with an online presence. Not only can you view those records, but you can access criminal and court records too.

Many Search Options

Easy Searches

Easy Searches

PeopleLooker also offers the easy and fast searches that you need on the web. As long as you know the first and last name of the person and the state where he or she last lived, you can do a search. You also have the option of adding a city, which can narrow down your searches. PeopleLooker shows you almost all the names and records that match your criteria. You can then search through the results to make sure you choose the right person based on factors such as location and name. The results even show you relatives to that person.

As soon as you search the right person, you can click on the name or a button on the page and use PeopleLooker to scan social media databases and public records to search even more information. You can view the court records from different states and cities/counties and view criminal and civil records online. Your final report will also show the jobs that the individual had, people who live close by and almost any registered phone numbers and addresses.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros of PeopleLooker include the great interface that is easy to use and the fact that it has a wide range of searches once you become a member. You get access to millions of public records that can help you do a background search too. The site is also encrypted to ensure your safety while on the web.

The downside is that you cannot use the information provided when screening people for jobs or other factors such as deciding who to rent to when you’re a landlord or purpose that require FCRA compliance. You need to go through a different screening process. The biggest discount is the 3-month plan, which costs $14.62 each month. When you sign up for a three-month to take advantage of the discounts, you’ll need to pay for each month in advance. If just want to try the service, there’s an option for a 7-day trial which would cost you one dollar.  

We found that PeopleLooker is one of the slowest people searches on the web, though your results can vary based on the number of people with the same name and the results found. That slowness is why we ranked this fourth on our list of the top background search sites. PeopleLooker does have some good options though, including the detailed reports that it provides and the different membership levels and prices that it offers.