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Find Anyone's Tax Lien Records Now!

What Constitutes a Tax Lien Record?

Lien or Tax Lien occurs when there is legal claim against the property of a business or an individual that does not pay the taxes owed to the government. Once a notice of State Tax Lien is recorded or filed against an individual, the lien becomes public record.

If you want to find out about someone’s tax records or even your own, you can perform a free public tax records search. There are couple of information that will be provided to you such as tax assessor, treasurer, tax lookups, tax office and collector records, tax departments, property and real estate taxes.

There are also states that offer access to tax assessment records. You can make a tax record search by property address or property ID number. You can also use the tax payers name or the owner of a property. The results may provide you the tax payer name, tax status, tax valuation, property history and some land characteristics. 


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