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Historical figures and celebrities called Jovanovic


Sima Igumanov was a Serbian poet, writer, teacher, publisher, and politician. He was a prominent figure in the cultural and political life of Serbia during the 19th century.


Ilija Garašanin was a Serbian statesman and politician, known for his role in the drafting of the Načertanije (Plan) which outlined Serbia's national goals and aspirations in the 19th century.


Ljubomir Davidović was a Serbian politician and lawyer who played a prominent role in the People's Radical Party and advocated for democratic reforms and the protection of civil liberties in Serbia.


Milan Pirocanac was a Serbian painter and writer, known for his contributions to Serbian modern art and his involvement in the avant-garde movement.


Mira Stupica was a Serbian actress, known for her performances in theater, film, and television. She was a prominent figure in Serbian and Yugoslavian acting.


Vuk Jeremic is a Serbian diplomat and politician, known for his tenure as the President of the United Nations General Assembly from 2012 to 2013.


Momo Kapor was a Serbian writer, painter, and journalist. He was known for his novels, short stories, and paintings that captured the spirit of Belgrade and Serbian culture.


Olivera Katarina is a Serbian actress and singer. She gained international recognition for her performances in movies and played a significant role in promoting Serbian culture.


Svetozar Markovic was a Serbian political thinker, philosopher, and socialist revolutionary. He was a key figure in the development of socialist and Marxist ideas in Serbia.


Vladimir Jovanović was a Serbian politician and diplomat who served as the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1920 and later as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Jovanovic Genealogy

OriginsThe surname 'Jovanovic' is of Serbian origin and is derived from the given name 'Jovan', which is the Serbian equivalent of the name 'John' in English. It is a patronymic surname indicating descent from someone named Jovan.
Geographic DistributionThe surname 'Jovanovic' is most commonly found in Serbia and other countries with Serbian diaspora, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia.
VariationsVariations of the surname 'Jovanovic' include 'Jovanović', 'Jovanovich', 'Jovanov', and 'Jovanovski'.
Migration and ImmigrationThe migration and immigration of people with the surname 'Jovanovic' can be traced to various historical and political events, such as the Yugoslav Wars and the dissolution of Yugoslavia, leading to displacement and resettlement of Serbian populations.