Privacy Policy

In the information below, you will find that we refer to our visitors as users and our website as the site. This makes it easy for you to see what we do with your information.

Personal and Confidential Data

When you sign up for an account on our site or visit any of the sites we link to on each page, you have the option of sharing your name and other personal information. We will never require that you use your real name or share any details that will allow others to identify you in real life. Users who volunteer that information can opt out and prevent us from sharing that information when they use the details listed on the bottom of the page.

Other Information

Users who visit our site can do so anonymously. Our site has the right to collect specific information from those users.


Like other sites on the web, our site uses cookies as a way to collect some data and information from users. This essentially lets our site place gather data from a user’s computer such as the IP address of that user. We will also attach a small file to the user’s computer, which helps the site remember that individual each time he or she visits in the future. Users can clear the temporary files from their computers and delete those cookies. The user will need to log back into the site later.

How the Site Uses Data

The info collected by the site from users allows us to do many different things, including:

  • Provide better service for customers
  • Create good experiences for each user
  • Keep track of user feedback
  • Improve the look and layout of the site
  • Provide information to other sites

That data can also help us create promotions that appeal to users. The information that we gather from each user helps us create giveaways and other fun events for our users.

Keeping Users Safe

Our site follows all the standard practices on the web to protect the information our users share. We also take steps to make sure that other sites cannot steal information from us or our users.

Following Links

In addition to the referral links shared on the site, the site also features some ads that users will see on individual pages. Users who choose to follow those links do not have the same protection that they have when using this site. They must agree to the terms of those sites.

Privacy Policy and Future Changes

As standards and practices changes, the site will make changes to its privacy policy. Users can view the privacy policy at any time and see any changes made. Those changes will appear on this page of the site.

Accepting Terms

Any user who wants full access to the site must agree and accept the terms of the site’s privacy policy. Those who do not agree to those terms should not use the site.

Responding to Questions

We respond quickly to any questions sent through the site by our users. If you have questions about our privacy policy or any of the information we offer, you can send an email to the listed address to contact us.