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Historical figures and celebrities called Mehmedovic


Mehmed Sokolovic was a Serbian- Ottoman statesman, military general, and the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. He was born in the village of Sokolovic near the town of Rudo, in present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Halid Beslic is a Bosnian folk singer, known for his distinctive voice and emotional performances. He was born in Sokolaca, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is of Mehmedovic descent.


Davor Mehmedovic is a Bosnian footballer who has played for various clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. He is known for his strong defensive skills and versatility.


Asim Mehmedovic is a Bosnian basketball player who has represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the international level. He plays as a forward and is known for his scoring ability and athleticism.


Amira Medunjanin is a Bosnian singer specializing in traditional Bosnian sevdalinka music. She is known for her soulful and powerful voice, and has gained international recognition for her performances.


Edin Mehmedovic is a Bosnian filmmaker and director. He has received critical acclaim for his documentary films, which often explore themes of identity, displacement, and belonging.


Mehmed Tahir was an Ottoman-Turkish author and religious scholar. He is known for his works on Islamic theology and jurisprudence, and his writings have had a significant influence on Islamic thought.


Sead Mehmedovic is a Bosnian-born footballer who has played for several clubs in Europe. He is known for his technical skills and ability to play in multiple positions.


Emina Mehmedovic is a Bosnian fashion designer known for her unique and contemporary designs. She has showcased her work in international fashion shows and has gained recognition in the industry.


Alen Mehmedovic is a Bosnian artist and sculptor. His works often explore themes of identity, memory, and history, and he has exhibited his sculptures in galleries and museums around the world.

Mehmedovic Genealogy

OriginsThe surname 'Mehmedovic' is of Bosnian or Serbian origin and is derived from the given name 'Mehmed', which is a variant of the Arabic name 'Muhammad'. The suffix '-vic' is a patronymic marker meaning 'son of'. Therefore, 'Mehmedovic' translates to 'son of Mehmed' or 'descendant of Mehmed'.
Geographic DistributionThe surname 'Mehmedovic' is most commonly found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and other parts of the Balkans. It is also found in diaspora communities in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.
VariationsVariations of the surname 'Mehmedovic' include 'Mehmedov', 'Mehmedović', 'Mehmedovi', and 'Mehmedovich'. These variations reflect regional linguistic differences and historical influences.
Migration and ImmigrationThe name 'Mehmedovic' would have been carried by individuals and families who migrated or immigrated from the Balkans to other countries, particularly during periods of political or economic upheaval. Many Bosnians and Serbians have sought opportunities abroad due to conflicts in the region.