Milan is a surname of Italian origin. It is derived from the city of Milan in Italy, which historically has been an important cultural and economic center. The surname Milan is often associated with Italian heritage and is widely spread across various regions of the world.
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Historical figures and celebrities called Milan


Duke of Milan in the 15th century. Known for his tyranny and art patronage.


Duke of Milan in the late 15th century. Notable for his support of Leonardo da Vinci and the arts.


Military commander during the Thirty Years' War who served as a general in the army of the Holy Roman Empire. His influence extended to the Duchy of Milan during his career.


Italian fashion designer and founder of the Armani brand, renowned for his elegant and classic designs.


Swedish professional footballer of Bosnian and Croatian descent. Known for his exceptional skills and prolific goal-scoring record.

Milan Genealogy

OriginsThe surname Milan has origins in different regions and cultures, including Italy, Bosnia, Croatia, and other parts of Europe.
Geographic DistributionThe surname Milan is found in various countries worldwide, with significant populations in Italy, Serbia, Croatia, and the United States.
VariationsVariations of the surname Milan include Milanovic, Milanowski, Milanov, and Milanese.
Migration and ImmigrationMigration and immigration of individuals with the surname Milan have occurred over time and in various places. These movements were influenced by factors such as economic opportunities, political changes, and personal circumstances. Some notable periods of migration and immigration include the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when individuals with the surname Milan migrated to the Americas and other parts of the world in search of better lives and opportunities.