Surname ORNELAS is of Portuguese origin and is derived from the Latin personal name 'Arnoldus', meaning 'ruler of an eagle'. It originated from the medieval given name Ornel, which later became a surname. The name has a rich history and is associated with noble families in Portugal.
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Historical figures and celebrities called Ornelas


Mauricio Ornelas is a Mexican architect known for his innovative and sustainable designs. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the National Architecture Award.


Adriana Ornelas is a Brazilian model and actress. She has appeared in various fashion campaigns and has been featured in magazines like Vogue and Elle.


Daniela Ornelas is a Spanish singer-songwriter. She rose to fame after winning a reality singing competition and has released several successful albums.


Felipe Ornelas is a Chilean football player. He has represented his country in international competitions and has played for several top clubs in South America.


Rosa Ornelas was a Mexican painter known for her vibrant and colorful artwork. Her paintings often depicted scenes from Mexican culture and history.


Eduardo Ornelas is a Mexican filmmaker. His films have received critical acclaim and have been featured in international film festivals.


Carmen Ornelas is a Spanish politician. She has held various government positions and has been an advocate for social justice and human rights.


Javier Ornelas is a Mexican musician and composer. He is known for his fusion of traditional Mexican music with contemporary styles.


Sergio Ornelas is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner. He has won multiple championships and is considered one of the top fighters in his weight class.


Laura Ornelas is a Mexican journalist. She has worked for various news organizations and has covered important events and issues in Mexico and Latin America.

Ornelas Genealogy

OriginsThe surname 'Ornelas' is of Spanish origin. It is derived from the place name 'Ornelles' in Normandy, France. The name was likely brought to Spain by the Normans during the Middle Ages.
Geographic DistributionThe surname 'Ornelas' is most commonly found in Mexico, Spain, and other Spanish-speaking countries. However, it may also be found in other parts of the world due to migration and immigration.
VariationsVariations of the surname 'Ornelas' include 'Ornellas' and 'Ornelles'.
Migration and ImmigrationPeople with the surname 'Ornelas' have migrated and immigrated to different countries, particularly during periods of Spanish colonization and economic opportunities.