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Historical figures and celebrities called Pavlovic


Novak Djokovic is a Serbian professional tennis player and one of the most successful players in the history of the sport. He has won numerous Grand Slam titles and is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time.


Vladimir Pavlovich Demikhov was a Soviet scientist and organ transplant pioneer. He is known for his experiments on transplanting organs between different animals, including the first successful transplantation of a two-headed dog.


Ana Pavlovna was a Dutch princess and the daughter of King William I of the Netherlands. She married Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich of Russia and became a prominent figure in Russian society.


Aleksandar Pavlovic is a Serbian professional basketball player. He has played in the NBA for several teams and has represented Serbia in international competitions.


Milan Pavlovic is a Serbian actor known for his roles in Serbian and international films. He has received critical acclaim for his performances and has won several awards.


Vladimir Pavlovich Meshcheriakov was a Russian and Soviet diplomat who served as the Soviet Union's Ambassador to Cuba and Mexico. He played a significant role in diplomatic efforts during the Cold War.


Jelena Pavlovic is a Serbian architect and urban planner known for her innovative designs and sustainable approach to urban development. She has received international recognition for her work.


Igor Pavlovich Kunitsyn is a Russian chess grandmaster. He is a renowned chess player and has represented Russia in various international competitions.


Dobrica Pavlovic was a Serbian writer and literary critic. He is considered one of the most important figures in Serbian literature and has received numerous awards for his work.


Yevgeny Pavlovich Velikhov is a Russian physicist and politician. He has made significant contributions to the field of plasma physics and has held important positions in academia and government.

Pavlovic Genealogy

OriginsThe surname 'Pavlovic' is of Serbian origin. It is derived from the given name 'Pavle,' which is the Serbian form of 'Paul.' The suffix '-vic' indicates 'son of,' so 'Pavlovic' means 'son of Pavle or Paul.'
Geographic DistributionThe surname 'Pavlovic' is predominantly found in Serbia and other countries with a significant Serbian diaspora, such as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. It is also present in other parts of the world where Serbian communities exist.
VariationsVariations of the surname 'Pavlovic' include 'Pavlaki,' 'Pavlou,' 'Pavlović,' 'Pavlovevic,' 'Pavlovič,' 'Pavlovich,' 'Pavlovics,' 'Pavlovitch,' 'Pavlovicic,' and 'Pavlovski.' These variations may reflect regional or linguistic differences.
Migration and ImmigrationThe migration and immigration of people with the surname 'Pavlovic' can be linked to historical events such as the breakup of Yugoslavia, wars in the Balkans, and economic opportunities abroad. Serbian communities can be found in various countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Western European countries.