The surname MARION is of French origin and is derived from the given name Marian, which means 'from the sea'. It has a rich history and is associated with noble families in France. The name spread to other countries through migration and has variations in spelling, such as Marion and Marión.
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Historical figures and celebrities called Marion


Francis Marion was a military officer who served in the American Revolutionary War. He was known as the 'Swamp Fox' for his guerrilla warfare tactics.


John Howard Payne was an American actor and playwright, best known for writing the song 'Home! Sweet Home!'


John Wayne was an American actor and filmmaker who was one of the most popular film stars of the 20th century. He appeared in over 170 movies and won an Academy Award for his role in 'True Grit.'


Frances Marion was an American screenwriter, journalist, and author. She was one of the most successful female screenwriters of the early 20th century, winning two Academy Awards for her work.


Marion Cotillard is a French actress and singer. She has received critical acclaim for her performances in films like 'La Vie en Rose' and 'Inception' and has won numerous awards, including an Academy Award.


Marion Ross is an American actress best known for her role as Marion Cunningham on the sitcom 'Happy Days.' She has had a long and successful career in television and film.


John Marion was a Scottish architect who designed several notable buildings in Scotland, including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.


Marion Anderson was an American contralto singer who became one of the most celebrated singers of the 20th century. She broke many racial barriers in the opera world.


Marion Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy and science fiction novels, best known for her 'Darkover' series and her Arthurian novel 'The Mists of Avalon.'


Francis Marion Crawford was an American writer, known for his novels and stories set in Italy and other European countries. He was a popular author in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Marion Genealogy

OriginsThe surname 'Marion' is of French origin and is derived from the given name 'Marion,' a variant of 'Marianne,' which is a combination of the names 'Marie' and 'Anne.' It was originally a feminine given name but became a surname over time.
Geographic DistributionThe surname 'Marion' is most commonly found in France, especially in the regions of Brittany and Normandy. It is also present in other French-speaking countries like Belgium and Canada.
VariationsVariations of the surname 'Marion' include 'Marian' and 'Marione.'
Migration and ImmigrationThere has been little migration and immigration of people with the surname 'Marion' due to its French origin and prevalence in French-speaking regions.