Surname Paul is of English origin and has a rich history dating back to the medieval era. It is derived from the Roman name Paulus, meaning 'small' or 'humble'. The surname often signifies a person of modest or unassuming nature.
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Historical figures and celebrities called Paul


Les Paul was an American jazz, country, and blues guitarist, songwriter, luthier, and inventor. He is best known for his contributions to the development of the solid-body electric guitar and the techniques of multi-track recording.


Ron Paul is an American retired politician and physician. He served as the U.S. Representative for Texas's 22nd congressional district from 1976 to 1977 and again from 1979 to 1985, and for Texas's 14th congressional district from 1997 to 2013.


Paul Allen was an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He co-founded Microsoft alongside Bill Gates and played a significant role in the early development of the personal computer industry.


Paul Newman was an American actor, film director, producer, race car driver, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his roles in films such as 'Cool Hand Luke,' 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,' and 'The Sting.'


Rand Paul is an American politician and physician who has served as the United States Senator from Kentucky since 2011. He is known for his libertarian views and has been involved in various political and social issues.


Paul McCartney is an English musician, singer, songwriter, and composer. He gained fame as the bassist and singer for the rock band The Beatles and has had a successful solo career.


Saint Paul, also known as Paul the Apostle, was an early Christian leader and one of the most influential figures in the spread of Christianity. He authored several of the New Testament books and played a significant role in the establishment of Christian communities.


Paul Kagame is a Rwandan politician and military officer who has been the President of Rwanda since 2000. He is known for his leadership in the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide and his efforts in promoting economic development and social stability in Rwanda.


Paul Revere was an American silversmith, engraver, and Patriot in the American Revolution. He is best known for his midnight ride to alert the colonial militia in Lexington and Concord of approaching British forces.


Chris Paul is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA. He is widely regarded as one of the best point guards in the history of the league.

Paul Genealogy

OriginsThe surname 'Paul' is of English, French, and German origin. It is derived from the Latin name 'Paulus,' meaning 'small' or 'humble.' The name was popularized by Saint Paul, an early Christian leader, and has since been used as both a given name and surname.
Geographic DistributionThe surname 'Paul' has a diverse geographic distribution. It is found in various countries around the world, including the United States, France, Germany, India, Canada, and Brazil.
VariationsVariations of the surname 'Paul' include 'Pauly,' 'Pauli,' and 'Pahl.'
Migration and ImmigrationPeople with the surname 'Paul' have migrated and immigrated to different countries throughout history, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and various countries in Europe.