The surname 'ROY' is of French origin and is derived from the word 'roi', which means 'king'. It is a common surname found in France, as well as other French-speaking countries.
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Historical figures and celebrities called Roy


Amartya Sen is an Indian economist and philosopher. He has made contributions to welfare economics and social choice theory, and is known for his work on the causes of famine.


Arundhati Roy is an Indian author and political activist. She is best known for her novel 'The God of Small Things,' which won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 1997.


Satyajit Ray was an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, and author. He is considered one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of world cinema and is known for his films such as 'Pather Panchali' and 'Apur Sansar.'


Bina Rai was an Indian actress who appeared in Hindi films in the 1950s and 1960s. She is best known for her roles in films like 'Anarkali' and 'Taj Mahal.'


Aruna Roy is an Indian social activist and political leader. She is known for her work in the field of social justice and for her role in the implementation of the Right to Information Act in India.


Manabendra Nath Roy, also known as M. N. Roy, was an Indian revolutionary, political theorist, and philosopher. He was one of the founders of the Communist Party of India and the Mexican Communist Party.


Indrani Roy is an Indian classical vocalist who specializes in the Hindustani classical music tradition. She is known for her mastery of the khayal and thumri genres.


Rahul Roy is an Indian film actor, producer, and television personality. He rose to fame with his lead role in the film 'Aashiqui' and won the first season of the reality show 'Bigg Boss.'


Soumitra Chatterjee was an Indian film actor, playwright, and poet. He collaborated extensively with filmmaker Satyajit Ray and is considered one of the greatest actors in the history of Indian cinema.


Ritwik Ghatak was an Indian filmmaker and playwright. He is considered one of the pioneers of parallel cinema in India and is known for his films like 'Meghe Dhaka Tara' and 'Subarnarekha.'

Roy Genealogy

OriginsThe surname 'Roy' is of French origin and is derived from the word 'roi,' which means 'king' in French. It may have been originally used as a nickname for someone who behaved in a regal manner or held a position of authority.
Geographic DistributionThe surname 'Roy' is commonly found in France, Quebec (Canada), and areas with French influence, such as Louisiana (United States) and the Indian state of West Bengal.
VariationsVariations of the surname 'Roy' include 'Roye' and 'Le Roy.'
Migration and ImmigrationThe name 'Roy' has been carried by immigrants to various countries, including Canada, the United States, and India, during periods of colonization, migration, and trade.