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Find Anyone's County Clerk Records Now!

County Clerk Records

What is the County Clerk?

When you need to find someone fast, you can turn to the clerk of courts in your county. This government agency maintains a large database of court records. You can search with just a first name and the last name to find court cases that involved that person. Most of these offices also include auto title searches that let you see if an individual has a title to a vehicle. The records that you can find fall into different categories.

Common Pleas

The most important county clerk records that you can view online come from the common pleas court. This is the court that handles most criminal cases. When you search for a person’s name, you can usually view all the cases that involved that person. The records show you when the court issued a warrant, the police arrested the individual, the person received bail or bond and each step that occurred in the courtroom.

Domestic Relations

Many cities and counties now move domestic violence cases to a separate courtroom. The records you can view from the court online are important when checking into the background of an individual, especially someone who will work with you. You can view any domestic violence cases involving that person and see what steps the court took, including making the individual serve time in jail or attend anger management classes. Most offices will also tell you if someone has/had a temporary or full order of protection against that person. This type of order will restrict the contact that the person can have with that individual and how close they can get.

Municipal Court

If you need to hire someone to do delivery work for you, you can’t always take his or her word that the person is a good driver and/or has a clean driving record. You can use county clerk records available from the municipal work to get an idea of that individual’s driving record. These reports let you view all citations issued in that person’s name in the city, including tickets for speeding or reckless driving. The records also include citations for those caught driving under the influence.

Auto Records

Auto records are another type of county clerk records. You might look up a name before you buy a used car to make sure it does not have any liens against it. These records can tell you the name or names listed on the title that tells you exactly who owns the vehicle too. No matter what county clerk records you need to find, using one of the top public records sites we found can help. Those sites make it easy to view records from multiple areas at the same time from the comfort of your home.

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