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Probate Records

Probate Records on the Web

When you search for someone online, you expect to find that person after some time and effort. Your search may come to an end when you learn that the individual passed away prior to the start of your search. The probate records relating to that individual can give you more information that you can use to draw a picture of that person and tell you more about his or her family too.

What is Probate?

Probate is a court process that occurs when someone passes away. That individual must own a large amount of property but does not leave behind a will. If there is a will, it will name the administrator who is the person responsible for making sure that the individual’s home and any other property is in good condition. The administrator will also work with the court and hand out items listed in the will to the people listed in the document.

If the deceased did not leave behind a will, the court and a probate lawyer will work with the family and loved ones to name an executor. The executor must put down a bond that guarantees he or she will follow probate laws and will not take any money from the estate. The term estate refers to everything that the deceased owned.

Do All Estates Go Through Probate?

The only issue you might have is that all estates do not go through probate. Most states have laws that state probate is only necessary if the combined value of the estate is worth a specific amount. Let’s say that someone passes away who only had a few hundred dollars in the bank and no other assets. Creditors have up to six months after the date of death to make a claim on the estate. Once this date passes, the family can work with a lawyer to gain ownership of the things that person left behind.

Reasons to Use Probate Records

If you think that you don’t need probate records or that those records won’t tell you much, think again. The biggest piece of information you can get from those records is the individual’s date of death. You can compare that date to the other records you find to make sure that found the right person. The probate records should also tell you the person’s date of birth and last known address.

Another good reason to use probate records is that you can find out more about that individual’s next of kin. If there was a will, you can use the probate records to find that will and see who got what from the estate. This comes in handy if you want to see whether a loved one left you anything in the past. If you’re on the hunt for someone who received anything from that estate, you can typically find his or her name and full address in the probate records too. At OurPublicRecords, we offer links to sites that provide you with divorce records on the web.

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