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Find Anyone's Divorce Records Now!

Divorce Records

Find Divorce Records Online

Any single person who uses the web and/or real life to find dating partners will hear horror stories about men and women who claim they’re single but are actually married. This is especially common among couples where the spouse is in the military. Dating apps can reveal quite a few spouses who date other people while their husbands and wives are overseas. Even if you think you trust the person you want to date, you still need to verify that the person is single.

Another issue that can pop up is a divorce that never went through. Let’s say that you meet someone who filed for divorce in the past and signed all the paperwork. When the two of you decide to get married, you may need to make sure that the divorce happened. If your partner’s former spouse never signed the paperwork or didn’t file it, the divorce never occurred. Something as simple as your partner skipping over a page can result in the court turning down the divorce and claiming that the two are still married.

What Do Divorce Records Show You?

Divorce records are just one example of the public records available on the web. You can search by the individual’s full name or by the name that person’s former spouse. The records will show you:

  • The full names of each half of the couple
  • Where they were married
  • The person who officiated the wedding
  • When the wedding took place in terms of date
  • The names of the witnesses who were there

Why Should You Use Divorce Records?

One of the biggest reasons to access divorce records beyond checking to see if someone is still married is that you can see whether that person was married more than once. How would you feel if your partner told you he or she was married just once and you found out the individual actually married three or more people in the past? Once you get the names of those former spouse(s), you can do extra research on the web such as looking at social media sites to see where those people are today and what they look like.

Divorce records can also help you verify the information that you found through other records. To get legally married, a couple must present their dates of birth and full names. Lying about any of that information can nullify a marriage license. You may find divorce records filed in court because someone lied on the license. Those lies may cause the former spouse to seek an annulment rather than a divorce.

Further Use of Divorce Records

With divorce records, you can also get an idea of where an individual lived during and after the marriage. These records should include the addresses of both partners, especially if one of them filed suit against the others. You can use that address and the city listed to find someone on the web. OurPublicRecords provides you with access to sites that offer divorce records online.

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