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Land records are important for anyone who owns property or wants to buy a piece of property. Those records include information available from the auditor’s office and other government departments. The auditor is responsible for determining the value of a piece of land based on its size and other factors. This also sets the tax rate that the owner must pay each year. Real estate records and maps are examples of other types of land records that you can view online.

Land Records

Deed Records

One of the more common types of land records that you’ll find online is something called a deed. The deed serves as the title to a piece of land and shows who owns it. If the person has a mortgage or took out a loan against the land, it will have a lien against it. Deeds will also list anyone else who owns a share of the property, including the individual’s spouse and/or children.

GIS Records

GIS records come in handy when you want to see what an area of land looks like right now. These records include aerial shots of the property taken by plane or via other aircraft. You can see if there are any buildings on the land and whether the owner made any changes to the property.

Real Estate Records

If you have your eye on a piece of land and want to make an offer but aren’t sure how much it’s worth, you’ll want to use public real estate records. These are similar to the records that real estate agents use when listing homes and land for sale. It shows you what other tracts of land sold for in the past. You can compare those rates to see what the land you want is worth.

Tax Information

Tax documents and records also give you quite a bit of information about a piece of land. You can often access auditor records online for free, though you may need to visit several websites because you aren’t sure which county oversees that piece of land. These records tell you the current owner and the total value of the land as well as how much that individual paid for it. Tax records also tell you the current taxes owed on the land and whether it qualifies for any special programs.

Reasons to Use Land Records

Some of the reasons to use land records include because you want to purchase a piece of land, see if you have any shares in a piece of land or need to verify that a specific person owns the land. If you need to open probate after a loved one passes away, these records give you an idea of how much the land is worth and what land that person owned. You can also use these records to find out about land that you may want to buy from someone else. We’ll put you in touch with the best sites to find land records online.

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