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Find Anyone's Mugshot Records Now!

Mugshot Records

What is a Mugshot?

No one ever wants to imagine having the police arrest them, in part because of the mugshots that the officer will take. A mugshot is an official photograph taken when the individual goes into custody. When famous people get arrested, TMZ and other gossip websites will show their mugshots to millions of people. Though you might not think that the same thing can happen to ordinary people, it happens all the time. If you do a search for a person and the city where the arrest happened, you’ll find dozens of sites that show you the person’s mugshots.

What Does a Mugshot Show?

A mugshot is a simple photo taken with the camera directly facing the individual and the individual looking straight ahead. That person will hold a board in front that shows the name of the individual and the number attached to the case. If you look to one side of the image, you should also see the person’s height listed. The mugshot may also show the person’s weight.

Why Use Mugshots?

Despite what you might think, there really aren’t any unique names today. Even those who spell their names in a different way than the norm will often find that other people used that exact spelling. When you do a people search online for someone, you may find that you view court records that aren’t connected to that person but to someone with the same name. This is especially true when you search for common names such as John or Jane Smith and when you don’t have any other information such as a birthday.

If you make a decision regarding someone based only on the black and white text that you see on your screen, you can weed out prospective employees because someone had a similar name. You also risk weeding out workers or potential partners because someone stole the identity of that individual. With a mugshot, you can see exactly what that person looks like and his or her height. This helps you make sure that the arrest records you viewed actually go along with the right person.

Viewing Mugshots Online

A serious problem facing people today is from sites that show their mugshots and demand payment to remove those photographs. This can even happen to those arrested because they have the same names as others do and those who were later cleared of all charges. You can discover a lot of incredible information from arrest reports and mugshots. OurPublicRecords offers reviews of the best public records websites on the web, which includes those that offer access to mugshots and other criminal records.

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