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Census Records

Instantly Search Anyone's Census Records Now!



Find Anyone's Census Records Now!

Census Records

What are Census Records?

The United States Census Bureau is a government department that is responsible for collecting data about those who live in the country. Also known as the Bureau of the Census and the Census Bureau, it performs a national census every decade. You can access the data collected online to find more about people you need to find online.

One of the more common types of census records that can help you with your search is the American Community Survey. This is the classic census that most people think of first. In addition to that survey, you can also access records such as the American Housing Survey and the Economic Census. The American Community Survey is the top record that you can use when looking for people.

How Far Do the Records Go Back?

The government launched the Census Bureau in 1902, which means that you can find records from near the turn of the 20th century. This date only refers to the founding of the department though. Prior to that year, the government did smaller surveys and collected some of the same data.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot view the entire collection of the 1890 census online or offline. A fire that swept through a government building in 1921 destroyed most of those files and records. Other issues led to the government losing records from other census takings too. You can use the web to see which records are available from each year and which records are missing.

What Can You Learn from Census Records?

Census records are a great way to see where someone lived at a set point of time and some basic information about that individual and anyone else who lived there. The records will list the full name of that person and his or her age and occupation. If you need to find someone who has a name that is similar to others, you can find that person based on his or her middle name or initial and date of birth.

The records can also help you track an individual and see how that person moved over time. You might find that the person lived in San Francisco during one census and then moved to other areas of California or other states in later years. Those records also give you details about the people who lived at the same address. This lets you see if the person was married or lived with roommates. You’ll also see whether the individual had children living in his or her home.

How Can You Use Census Records?

You can use census records to either verify the information you already found or to find new information. The American census has a wealth of information about the wherabouts and history of all the people in this country. Census records can help you as you search for public records and information available on the web.

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