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Property Records

Finding and Using Property Records On the Web

Whether you want to know what happened to an old friend from college or you have your heart set on buying a new home, you can find and use property records. Property records refer to any type of public records that contains information about a specific piece of property. This can include both homes and commercial buildings as well as land tracts. Most government agencies and departments offer free public records searches, but it can be hard to find out which department is responsible for that part of the country. Public records sites offer an alternative way to search because they let you search by name alone.

How to Search

At OurPublicRecords, we rank the best public records sites available on the web and include links to the top sites. When you visit any of the sites listed, you can scroll down to view all types of searches offered and select one. You can also use the people search box to enter the name of a person and see all the types of documents and records that list that individual’s name. With land records, you can search for a person’s name too.

What You Can Learn from Property Records

Depending on the type of property records you view, you can find everything from the names of the people who own the property and how much they paid for it to the taxes they pay each year and the improvements they made to the property. Improvements in real estate terms can refer to additions, including:

The records will even tell you how much value those improvements added to the property. If you want to see who bought your parents’ old home, you can often search by one of their names or for the address itself. The records will list the prices that former owners paid for the home as well as its current value. You can also use the records to see whether the land attached to a home changed over the years, which occurs when former owners sell tracts of land.

Property Records and People Searches

Property records can also come in handy when you use the web to search for people and to do background checks. You can see if the former owner filed for bankruptcy and modified his or her loan or whether the bank foreclosed on the home because the owner defaulted on the mortgage. Some records will even tell you where the owner lived during the foreclosure or bankruptcy, which gives you a new address to search for online. Find the exact property records that you need on the web today.

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