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Vital Records

What are Vital Records?

There is an old saying that states death and taxes are the only two things certain in life. That might explain why death certificates are an example of a vital record. Vital records include any type of record or certificate that is vital to an individual’s life. This includes birth, marriage, death and divorce records. Most states have a Vital Records Office that gives you access to those certificates. You typically need to pay for the information you want, and you must make sure that you use the right name and spelling too. Most offices will not offer refunds if they send you the wrong records.

Birth and Death Certificates

Birth and death certificates are important when searching for people and doing background checks. When a woman gives birth to a child in the hospital, the hospital will issue a birth certificate. This will have the mother’s name on it and a father’s name if a father is present. You can also see the child’s given name at birth, the date and time of the birth and the doctor who was there. Women who give birth at home can have a birth certificate issued later. You can also view birth certificates issued at a later date after an individual or a couple adopts a child.

Death certificates are official records signed by the medical examiner or another medical professional. It will list the name of the person who passed away and both the date and time of the death. This certificate should also list a cause of death, which can include multiple causes. You can also use that certificate to see where the individual lived before passing away.

Marriage and Divorce Certificates

You can get quite a bit of information from marriage an divorce certificates too. A marriage certificate is a piece of paper released when a couple marries. They will need to sign the certificate in front of at least two witnesses and the person who oversaw the wedding. Couples must file a marriage certificate in their state to have the state recognize the marriage.

When a couple divorces, you can use the divorce certificate as a vital record. It should list some reason for the divorce and explain whether either partner contested the divorce. You’ll also see their full names and addresses as well as the date when the divorce went through. With the reviews here at OurPublicRecords, you no longer need to travel to offices and departments to access vital records. You can use our reviews to find the best background check and people search site that offers easy access to all types of vital records from counties and cities across the United States.

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