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Ancestry Records

Ancestry research is often difficult, but with Our Public Records,
you can get the help that you need finding public records.

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Ancestry Records

Ancestry research is often difficult, but with Ourpublicrecords, you can get the help that you need finding public records.



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Public Records for Ancestry Research

Though some people can sit down with their relatives and go over their family histories, not everyone is as lucky. If you have one or more grandparents who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, getting them to recognize you and have a conversation is difficult. Trying to get that person to talk about their parents and relatives is almost impossible. You do not need to talk to your relatives or have permission from your family members to do ancestry research though. Ourpublicrecords can help you find public records to trace your roots.

How to Find Ancestry Records Online

An easy way to learn a little more about your family is with a search of your last name. You’ll often find ancestry sites that can tell you where that name originated and some of the people who have the same name. It’s also helpful to use a site that offers public records too such as BeenVerified, which is our number one choice. Truthfinder and other sites can help too. Instead of sending you on a wild goose chase from one name to the next, these sites let you search for information on one person at a time. You can do as much research as you need before moving to the next name on your list.

Ancestry Records Available Online

There are many public records that you can use for ancestry research such as census reports. Have you always heard that your grandparents lived in New York City for years before moving to another city? You can spend hours looking for those names and still not find them because they never lived in NYC. With census reports, you can search for names and view both the address where that individual lived as well as anyone else who lived there. Census reports often list the ages and occupations of each resident at a specific address too. Other helpful records can include:

  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Birth and death records
  • Military service records
  • Property records
  • Court records

Even if you think that every member of your family lived a life free of crime, don’t forget to look at court records. These records can include lawsuits that relatives were a part of and land disputes that occurred in the past. You can use those records to see if there is land still owned by your family in other states.

Where to Find Ancestry Records

You can gain access to all the ancestry records that you need right here on this site. We ranked the top five public records sites, which you can view on the bottom of the page. Use those sites to start your ancestry research or to finish up your hunt for missing and lost family members.

Popular Ancestry Records Search Sites 2024

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Bottom Line


Easy to use with in-depth historical records data. Allows you to search through 20 billion records from 80 different countries.

Discover new connections with
cemetery listings, military records, and surname histories. Great for beginner genealogists. This service lets you search billions of records
within seconds.

Easy to use and has historical records from 80 different countries. Great user interface as well.

Great for public records, but doesn’t have the same volume of birth and death records as some of it’s competitors.

This site is generally a reliable source for discovering public records. Very user-friendly but fairly expensive relative to Archives.