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Family Tree Records

Learn how Ourpublicrecords can put you in touch with public records that make filling out your family tree easier.

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Family Tree Records

Learn how Ourpublicrecords can put you in touch with public records that make filling out your family tree easier.



Find Anyone's Family Tree Records Now!

Family Tree Records

Family Tree Records

Did you know that you can get to the roots of your family tree via public records? Let’s face it, not everyone has the same happy and connected families that others have. A falling out that happened years ago can keep some members of your family from speaking to others. You might have an entire branch of your family that you never knew existed because of that divide. When you have some basic information available, you have enough details to search through public records and fill out some of those missing or empty branches on your tree.

What are the Best Records for a Family Tree?

The best records to use on your family tree include birth and death certificates. When someone is born, the parent or parents will need to file a record with the state. This ensures that the child can get a social security number, which will help him or her get a driver’s license and a job later. Even those born at home will have a birth certificate, though the parents may file that record a few months or years after the birth. Death certificates are just as important because you can see when and where the person died and the family and property left behind.

Can You Use Other Public Records?

At Ourpublicrecords, we want to help you find the missing information needed for your family tree. That is why we found and ranked the best sites that offer public records online. When you search by name, you can view anyone with that name and find out how that individual is related to you. Some of the public records you may want to use as you work on your family tree include:

  • Military records
  • Property records
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce records
  • Court reports

Who Can Use and View Public Records?

One important fact you should know is that anyone with a computer or an internet connection can use public records and view the information found in those records. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows public access to certain types of records. Even if you aren’t sure where a person falls on your family tree, you can still look up someone’s name and see where that person lives/lived and any people related to that person’s name. In an hour or less, you can find more information than you ever thought you would.

How to Search

With the pages listed below, you can search the public records and find details for your family tree in minutes. At Ourpublicrecords, we include links to the top public records sites around. As you work on your family tree, use those resources to search for names that you want to include and find out even more about your family.

Popular Family Tree Search Sites 2024

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Bottom Line


Easy to use with in-depth historical records data. Allows you to search through 20 billion records from 80 different countries.

Discover new connections with
cemetery listings, military records, and surname histories. Great for beginner genealogists. This service lets you search billions of records
within seconds.

Easy to use and has historical records from 80 different countries. Great user interface as well.

Great for public records, but doesn’t have the same volume of birth and death records as some of it’s competitors.

This site is generally a reliable source for discovering public records. Very user-friendly but fairly expensive relative to Archives.