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We receive referral fees from partners
(advertising disclosure)

The information we provide you is free of charge and a result of extensive research by our home warranty experts. We use affiliate links on our site that provide us with referral commissions. While this fact may not influence the information we provide, it may affect the positioning of this information.

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Arkansas Warrant Search -
The Ultimate Guide 2024

Our In-depth guide to Arkansas’ warrants search will describe Arkansas active arrest warrants as per the provisions in the constitution’s 4th amendment. We’ll look at the warrant search process in addition to the restrictions that are in place when it comes to law implementing agents and making arrests.

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Outstanding Arrest Warrants in Arkansas Defined

Warrants, both outstanding and active, are legal terminologies that are used to refer to arrest orders that are issued by criminal courts or any other criminal jurisdiction tribunals. Generally speaking, detention directives can be divided into two categories. Active warrants are issued once the police have verified the case evidence they have in their possession in order to establish possible cause for the arrest. As a result, the magistrate is required to conduct this examination, which effectively removes the authority to issue warrants from the hands of the police. Although arrests can be carried out without the use of an arrest warrant, they must be carried out on the basis of probable cause in order to be considered legal. Furthermore, a grand jury hearing may be called at some point during the criminal prosecution to determine whether or whether the police had sufficient grounds to suspect the defendant’s involvement in the crime before this individual was detained.

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Despite the fact that the grand jury has not delivered an indictment, the case can still be dismissed at this point. A different scenario is that, if an indictment has been returned, the case will be bound over to the district court if the suspect is in custody or if an active warrant has been issued against him. Arrest orders are given out when an individual performs an act that can be construed as contempt of court, and they are known as bench warrants. To put it another way, defying a court order of any kind can result in the issuance of these arrest warrants. A probable cause affidavit is not required in such a situation seeing as the tribunal is in possession of first-hand information of the infringement committed by the defendant.

As a result, an arrest directive is not issued in such a situation. Bench warrants are the formal word for these decrees, and they are regularly used by both criminal and civil courts in the area to enforce their terms and conditions. The police are in charge of carrying out these directives, just as they would be in charge of carrying out a conventional arrest command. These warrants, on the other hand, are subject to time limits on their validity. Additionally, these orders are restricted in terms of their geographical reach, with many of them only effective inside the county or state from which they were issued.

When Can an Arrest Warrant Be Issued in Arkansas?

If the underlying circumstances justify, a summon can be issued instead of an arrest warrant according to Arkansas Criminal Code (rule 7.1). If the complaint is brought before the tribunal by a civilian rather than a police officer, this is the process that is recommended for bringing it before the court. If, on the other hand, the defendant fails to comply with the summons or citation, an active warrant will be issued for his or her arrest.

When a police officer requests the court for an arrest warrant and can demonstrate that there are adequate grounds to suspect that the person accused of the transgression specified in the warrant is accountable for the transgression, an arrest warrant will be issued in all situations. If the magistrate has a reasonable certainty that the defendant will fail to appear in court, it is also a proper protocol for the magistrate to issue an arrest warrant for the defendant, as long as the defendant does not violate the terms of the warrant. When considering whether or not to issue an active warrant for the accused’s arrest, the court will take into account the specifics of the allegations leveled against him as well as the circumstances surrounding his alleged commission of the offense.

Arkansas Arrest Warrants Search Forms

In order to be valid, all active warrants issued by Arizona must be instructed (in written form). These should then be directed to law officers from outside and within the county where the warrant was issued. When a directive is given out in the name of AZ as the state, it has the potential of being carried out in any part of that state or throughout the entire country, depending on the circumstances. The issuing magistrate’s signature as well as the date it was issued, the county of issue, and the issued directive judicial officer title may all be found on the reverse of the arrest warrant. If you have any questions, please contact us. As far as identifying the person who is to be arrested goes, the warrant includes the individual’s name, along with any other names or descriptions that may aid the arresting authorities in their efforts to locate and arrest the suspect. The decree, as well as the affidavit that got filed in court for the directive to be obtained are turned over to the prosecutor’s office for further consideration.

Conducting a Search on Arkansas Arrest Warrants

Arkansas arrest warrant search

Mailed inquiries

Background checks will be required of employers that choose to conduct them. To do so, they will need to obtain and complete the relevant form from the State Police in Arkansas, which they will then send alongside a stamped envelope to the following address via mail to the State Police of Arkansas.

Electronic inquiries 

These used to be available for purchase on the internet. Requests that be filed electronically are unquestionably more convenient. Information was once available on the internet, but a current internet search revealed that the website was no longer accessible. These demands came at a cost of $22 to the applicant.


When an individual is apprehended and detained after being accused of engaging in criminal behavior, their arrest records in Arkansas serve as formal proof of their custody. The existence of these records does not prove that the victim is guilty of the supposed crime; nevertheless, they do indicate that the subject was identified as a person of interest or a suspect during the course of the inquiry. A person’s arrest record is normally created and distributed by the agency that arrested him or her, and in the state of Arkansas, arrest records are considered public records.

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