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We receive referral fees from partners (advertising disclosure)

The information we provide you is free of charge and a result of extensive research by our home warranty experts. We use affiliate links on our site that provide us with referral commissions. While this fact may not influence the information we provide, it may affect the positioning of this information.

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Oklahoma Inmate Search Statistics


Total number of incarcerated in Oklahoma

Statistics courtesy of the US Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics


No. of inmates for every 100,000 adult residents in Oklahoma


No. of inmates for every 100,000 total residents in Oklahoma

Statistics courtesy of the US Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics

Inmate Search in Oklahoma - The Ultimate Guide 2023

About Oklahoma State

Oklahoma’s capital is Oklahoma City. This city is probably best known as the site of the worst domestic terrorist bombing in American history. The major industries are aviation, energy, telecommunications, and biotechnology. It used to be used for cattle drives to other states and regions. It is subject to all sorts of severe weather patterns from tornadoes to extensive heat. It is also home to the largest number of artificial reservoirs of any state in the union. There are a total of 51 state parks in Oklahoma. That makes it a great site for tourists to visit. Originally Oklahoma was planned as a native American state but enough those plans fell through.

Oklahoma DOC Inmate Search

Step 1: Go visit the official state search page to get started on your inmate search in Oklahoma. First you will see a page asking you to accept that Oklahoma makes no guarantees of the accuracy of the information you will find. This page also asks you to agree to not use the information you get illegally. Click “Accept” to move on to the next page.

Oklahoma DOC Inmate Search 1

Step 2: You will now come to the main search page. Here you can search by DOC number of the person’s age. You can also input a date of birth. Most people won’t have the DOC number and will search by name.

Oklahoma DOC Inmate Search 2

Step 3: You will then get the results that will match your search. You will be given mugshots, their full name, and their race. This should be enough for you to figure out which one you are searching for.

Oklahoma DOC Inmate Search 3

Step 4: Click on the one you want. You will then be given a larger mugshot and the name and address of the correctional facility where they are serving time.

Oklahoma DOC Inmate Search 4

You can also search the Oklahoma sex offender registry. This can be searched by name, by geographical distance from you, or by the offense.

Oklahoma Sex Offender Search 1

When you perform your search you will be brought to a list of offenders.

Oklahoma Sex Offender Search 2

Click on the one you want and you will get additional information including the nature of the crime they were convicted of.

Oklahoma Sex Offender Search 3

You also have the chance to look up the most wanted fugitives in Oklahoma. If you go to that link you will get a list of their mugshots and a list of the crimes they have been charged with. It will also tell you if they escaped from jail or prison or are simply wanted by the law.

Oklahoma most wanted fugitives

Oklahoma DOC Contact Information

PO Box 11400
Oklahoma City, 73111, OK
Phone: 405-425-2500, 405-425-2578

Oklahoma Department of Corrections Facilities

If you’d like you can contact correctional facilities directly to get information from them. If you call the number listed and the inmate is staying there you should be able to find out basic information about them.

Halfway Houses

Facility NameAddressPhoneFaxEmail
Halfway Houses3400 Martin Luther King Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73111(405) 425-2696(405) 425-3764[email protected]
Halfway Houses - Bridgeway Inc620 W. Grand, Ponca City, OK 74602(580) 762-1462(580) 765-7299[email protected]
Halfway Houses - Oklahoma Re-entry Opportunity Center400 S. May, Oklahoma City, OK 73108(405) 232-8233(405) 604-9588

brianne.washington@corecivic. com

Private Institutions

Facility NameAddressPhoneFaxEmail
Davis Correctional Facility6888 East 133rd Road, Holdenville, OK 74848(405) 379-6400(405) 379-6496[email protected]
Lawton Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility8607 SE Flower Mound Road, Lawton, OK 73501(580) 713-7291(580) 351-2641[email protected]
Private Institutions - Administration2915 N Classen Blvd., Ste 410 Oklahoma City, OK 73106(405) 425-2696(405) 425-2675[email protected]
CoreCivic Cimarron Correctional Facility3200 S Kings Hwy, Cushing, OK 74023(918) 225-3336--

State Institutions

Facility NameAddressPhoneFaxEmail
Charles E. Bill Johnson Correctional Center1856 E. Flynn Street, Alva, OK 73717(580) 327-8000(580) 327-8018-
Clara Waters Community Corrections Center9901 N I-35 Service Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73131(405) 254-3200(405) 254-3290[email protected]
Dick Conner Correctional Center129 Conner Road, Hominy, OK 74035(918) 594-1300(918) 594-1324[email protected]
Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center601 N. Oak Street, Taft, OK 74463(918) 683-8365(918) 682-4782[email protected]
Enid Community Corrections Center2020 E. Maine Avenue, Enid, OK 73701(580) 977-3800(580) 977-3834[email protected]
Howard McLeod Correctional Center19603 E. Whippoorwill Lane, Atoka, OK 74525(580) 889-6651(580) 889-2264[email protected]
Jackie Brannon Correctional Center900 N. West Street, McAlester, OK 74502(918) 421-3339(918) 426-0004[email protected]
James Crabtree Correctional Center216 N. Murray Street, Helena, OK 73741(580) 852-3221(580) 852-3104[email protected]
Jess Dunn Correctional Center601 South 124th Street West, Taft, OK 74463(918) 682-7841(918) 682-4372[email protected]
Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Center53468 Mineral Springs Road, Hodgen, OK 74939(918) 653-7831(918) 653-7813[email protected]
John H. Lilley Correctional Center407971 Hwy 62E., Boley, OK 74829(918) 667-3381(918) 667-3959[email protected]
Joseph Harp Correctional Center16161 Moffat Rd., Lexington, OK 73051(405) 527-5593(405) 527-4841[email protected]
Lawton Community Corrections Center605 Southwest Coombs Road, Lawton, OK 73501(580) 248-6703(580) 355-1081[email protected]
Lexington Assessment and Reception Center15151 State Highway 39, Lexington, OK 73051(405) 527-5676(405) 527-9892[email protected]
Mabel Bassett Correctional Center29501 Kickapoo Rd., McLoud, OK 74851(405) 964-3020(405) 964-3014[email protected]
Mack Alford Correctional Center13001 North Highway 69, Atoka, OK 74525(580) 346-7301(580) 346-7214[email protected]
North Fork Correctional Center1605 East Main, Sayre, OK 73662(580) 928-8000(580) 928-8099[email protected]
Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center442586 E. 250 Road, Vinita, OK 74301(918) 256-3392(918) 256-2108[email protected]
Oklahoma City Community Corrections Center315 West I-44 Service Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73118(405) 463-7800(405) 463-7848[email protected]
Oklahoma State Penitentiary1301 N. West St, McAlester, OK 74502(918) 423-4700(918) 423-3862[email protected]
Oklahoma State Reformatory1700 East First Street, Granite, OK 73547(580) 480-3700(580) 480-3999[email protected]
Union City Community Corrections Center700 North Highway 81, Union City, OK 73090(405) 483-5900(405) 483-5919[email protected]
William S. Key Correctional Center3946 U.S. Highway 270, Fort Supply, OK 73841(580) 766-2224(580) 766-2908[email protected]
State Institutions - Administration3400 Martin Luther King Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73111(405) 425-7008(405) 425-7317[email protected]

Virtual Hearings

Facility NameAddressPhoneEmail
Bill Johnson Correctional Center1856 E Flynn St, Alva, OK 73717(580) 327-8000[email protected]

Oklahoma Parole and Probation Offices

Not every criminal in Oklahoma is in prison or jail. Many are on parole or probation. You can get information about them by contacting the relevant person at the Probation and Parole Board.

MAIN NUMBER-(405) 425-2696
Secretary VStephanie Sullivan(405) 425-2679
Security and Facilities Operations ManagerStephanie Adams(405) 425-2844
Administrative Specialist and GPS/EMP SupervisorLola Spears(918) 302-3123
Parole Process CoordinatorAnnette Marzett(405) 425-2605
Parole Revocation AdministratorDeborah Romine(405) 425-2619
H.R. Management Specialist III (HRMS)Scott White(405) 425-2937
Interstate Compact AdministratorFrank Mesarick(405) 425-2603
Interstate Compact (A-L Cases)Georgia Wood(405) 778-7212
Shannon TuttleInterstate Compact (M-Z Cases)(405) 778-7131
Administrative Manager - PP Training & ACARicci Cross(405) 425-2627
GPS/EMP CoordinatorMary John(918) 680-6603
Business Services ManagerJennifer McAlister(405) 425-2635
GPS CoordinatorMary John(918) 680-6603
Fax Number for P&P offices at Cameron Building-(405) 425-2675
REGION I DEPUTY DIRECTORAnthony Rowell(918) 302-3103
Secretary VJudy Goddard(918) 302-3125
Jason TaylorAssistant Regional Supervisor(918) 581-2006
Assistant Regional SupervisorDwayne Howell(918) 302-3122
Assistant Regional SupervisorVonda Burrell(580) 286-7353
Assistant Regional SupervisorKathy King(918) 581-2019
Assistant Regional SupervisorJon Herlan(918) 540-9369
Assistant Regional SupervisorMary McDonald(918) 680-6615
Assistant Regional SupervisorTom Nelson(918) 581-2180
Assistant Regional SupervisorMichael Harrison(918) 281-5655
Secretary VMirllene Humbert(405) 425-2696
Assistant Regional SupervisorVacant-
Assistant Regional SupervisorChris Frech(580) 977-3403
Assistant Regional SupervisorMindy Cummings(405) 778-7205
Assistant Regional SupervisorJeff Woody(580) 248-9146
Assistant Regional SupervisorHayley Felsibino(405) 222-0018
Assistant Regional SupervisorLaKrissa Suthers(405) 425-7649
Administrative AssistantDiane Orr(405) 425-2674

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